How Does Your Garden Grow?


Today we are recovering from over four hours of gardening yesterday. The weeds seem to grow faster than the flowers. I feel as if for every one chore there are six more waiting. The trellis groans under the weight of the morning glories, and the vines are so prolific they now trail out into the iris bed. Seed packets purchased for a dime at Dollar General blossomed into overflowing beds of Bachelor’s Buttons, cosmos, Marigolds, Sweet Alyssum, and snapdragons. Other triumphs include lavender started under grow-lights in the cellar this winter, coreopsis also grown from seeds, and tiny ecchinacea plants too. Even the roses survived the onslaught of Japanese Beetles and the Blaze climber continues to form a pleasant mounded shape covered with red flowers!



We are planning the vegetable garden now. I’ve asked John to construct raised beds, and he showed me yesterday an idea for a fence that looks great to me. I don’t think it’s deer or bear proof, but certainly it will keep out rabbits and with luck the groundhog.