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Hurricane Preparations for the Garden

Hurricane preparations for the garden include taking inside any moveable objects such as lawn furniture and laying large plants down. Learn more.

Hurricane Preparations for the Garden

I can’t quite recall a more adventure-filled week. I listed the events somewhere else today: Monday, business setbacks; Tuesday, 5.9 earthquake; Wednesday, aftershocks that woke us all up at 1 am; Thursday, on my return from an all-day business meeting, violent thunderstorm tossed a tree in front of the train on the tracks, causing quite the delay; Friday, we prep for Hurricane Irene.  I am really hoping for a boring, peaceful, totally nothing to report week!

Yesterday’s thunderstorms brought wind gusts of over 60 mph to our farm, giving me a taste of what the hurricane might bring. The rain gauge reported 3 1/2 inches of rain – in under two hours!  On top of that, some plants were absolutely flattened by the rain.  My morning glory vines are growing thickly along the top of the trellis, and the wind lifted up a big mat of vines and pulled it right off.

If you’re in the hurricane or tropical storm area of the country, these tips for hurricane preparation for the garden can help you save some of your plants from damage.

  • Bring any furniture inside such as lawn furniture. It’s amazing how little wind is needed to pick up garden furniture and turn it into a projective.
  • Bring in lightweight or small house plants.
  • Take down wind chimes.
  • Lay large potted plants on their side. The leaves and branches of large potted plants can act like sails and catch the wind, turning pots over. By laying them on their side, you’ll avoid this problem.



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