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Unexpected Surprises

Sometimes you have things all planned out, and an unexpected surprise delights you.  The other day, I was busily working away when my Internet connection went down. Now, I work from home as a freelance writer, editor and marketing consultant, and I rely upon my Internet connection for the majority of my work. When it stops, often I must stop, too.  After half an hour of fruitless clicking the little antenna icon on my computer tray, I gave up and grabbed my camera. I figured I could take my week’s worth of pictures out in the garden. I write about herbs and gardening a lot, and try to take many of the pictures myself, so at least once a week you can find me outside snapping images at dawn or dusk to capture what I need.

The sky was a brilliant blue with puffy, fleecy clouds, and I realized that many of the sunflowers growing along the south side of the house had bent under the weight of their flower heads. By standing underneath, I could snap the sunflower and the blue sky, and crop out the window screens and side of the house. So I started snapping away.

When I loaded the pictures onto the computer, I burst out laughing.  There, putting along, was a big fat bumble bee, and my camera not only captured him in mid-flight heading to the sunflower…it captured his journey away,  probably annoyed with me for disturbing his snack!

I love it. It reminded me that sometimes unexpected surprises are the best ones of all.

See my friend leaving (lower right corner?) Bee zooms away


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  • Sue
    August 11, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Sunflowers are my favorite–and I guess Mr. Bee’s too!