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Cleaning Pet Hair from Car Upholstery

I have found the secret to cleaning pet hair from car upholstery. It also works for couches, chairs, and any fabric-covered surface.

If you own one of these…



Or perhaps one of these…or five as I do…



Then you need my secret method to removing pet hair from upholstery.


How to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery

All you need to remove pet hair from upholstery is a pair of clean rubber gloves. The best kind are like these:


I prefer the Playtex Living Gloves that have ridges on the fingertip pads. I purchased mine at Wal-Mart, but if you click the picture above, you can buy them from Amazon.

Use a clean pair. Make sure you haven’t used them to scrub your kitchen floor, or worn them when you’ve cleaned anything else. Any oils or detergent left on the palms of the gloves will end up being rubbed onto your upholstery or carpet, and this can create unpleasant stains or marks.

Simply pull on the gloves and begin rubbing the upholstery in one direction, along the grain of the fabric. Start with a small patch and test how vigorously you need to rub. Use dry gloves; no water or any kind of cleanser is needed. As you rub the fabric with the clean, dry rubber gloves, an amazing thing happens. Pet hair literally peels off in a sheet!

I own a long haired German shepherd dog. Shadow (pictured above in her delightful red hair) leaves hair EVERYWHERE….and I mean, everywhere. I am forever gathering piles of dog hair off the floor and vacuuming my home.  The vacuum cleaner wasn’t strong enough to remove her hair from the car. We like to take her with us whenever we have short errands to run, and she loves to go hiking with us on the nearby trails, so she spends a lot of time in the car. We’ve tried blankets and cloths over the seats, towels, you name it, but nothing keeps that mass of fluffy hair from sticking to the upholstery!

My recliner chairs in the living room are also cat-magnets. I’m not sure why they love them so much; perhaps it’s because the chairs are soft and comfortable. I have five cats, two of which are indoor only cats and three, outdoor, sometimes indoor pets. Whenever the outdoor boys venture inside, they love nothing more than to leap into the seat of the recliner and snuggle into the folds of the cushions. This too leaves hair on my furniture.

The rubber glove trick has been a lifesaver and a time saver for me. I have trouble keeping up with the pet hair and sometimes I feel like dust bunnies are going to overrun my house. But this little trick, used just once a week, cleans up the worst of the pet hair in just a few minutes. I can then vacuum the upholstery with the little brush attachment on the hose and it’s done – no need for time consuming vacuuming and the inevitable hair left behind.

One other tip: If your cats love to rub against the curtains, but you hate the hair they leave behind, one of those lint brushes with the sticky-sided tape works miracles on cotton and other fabric curtains. I’ve found that washing curtains doesn’t rid them of pet hair. Some always manages to stick to the fabric. But using a sticky-tape style lint brush, I can easily remove cat hair from the curtains. I don’t use the lint brush daily, but once a month or so to remove the worst of the pet hair. I buy my lint brushes at the dollar store, two in a package for a dollar. They last through several uses, making it an economical choice to clean pet hair from cotton curtains.

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