Home Garden Joy is a lifestyle website devoted to gardening, cooking what you grow, and country living. Hosted by award-winning writer and master gardener Jeanne Grunert, the site is filled with how-to information, tips, recipes, and anecdotes about life on Seven Oaks Farm, the Grunert’s private 17-acre farm in the piedmont region of Virginia.

About Writer Jeanne Grunert

It’s hard to imagine writer Jeanne Grunert growing up in the outskirts of Manhattan, but she did. She learned to garden in a town appropriately named Floral Park. Floral Park was home to John Lewis Childs, a horticulturist famous for his seed catalog. Remnants of the town’s gardening remain in the street names and rich, fertile soil.

As a child, Jeanne gardened alongside her parents, who were both avid gardeners, and her next-door neighbor, Gil Hoffman. Later, she worked at Martin Viette Nurseries as a marketing manager, learning the horticulture business from the inside-out.

Once Jeanne and her husband moved to Virginia, they immersed themselves in the rural lifestyle. They transformed a 17-acre loblolly pine forest into productive orchards, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, and flower gardens while retaining a large forested tract. Jeanne became a certified Virginia Master Gardener and was known locally for her lectures on growing African violets, raised bed gardening, and gardening for the handicapped.

writer Jeanne Grunert and her dog

How Home Garden Joy Came About

Home Garden Joy started in 2007 as Seven Oaks, Jeanne’s blog about transitioning from Manhattan corporate executive to a freelance writer living on a farm. In 2014, Jeanne moved the blog to its current site and launched it as Home Garden Joy. It is now her hub for Home Garden Joy Media, a gardening and lifestyle publishing business spinoff of her corporation, Seven Oaks Consulting.

Work With Us

Our Readers

Home Garden Joy’s readers are loyal and often spend five minutes or more on the site when a new article is published. Most of our readers are suburban women age 40+ who want to grow a garden, have a lovely home, or cook what they grow to make sure their families are healthy.

Our Reach

Home Garden Joy reaches an average of 8,000+ backyard gardeners, amateur cooks, and new-to-plant-based-living folks who are learning all about vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

We run a successful and active Facebook Group for Christian herbalists who feel marginalized by the Wiccan and pagan influences in modern herbalism.

Our popular YouTube page continues to grow, and at last count, our Pinterest page averages 108,000 impressions per month. We’re also active on HomeTalk, the DIY community, and manage a healthy and growing email list.

Our Awards

Home Garden Joy is regularly listed among the top 25, 50, and 100 gardening blogs worldwide. Jeanne has been featured in the American Horticulture Association “Plant Chat” and on The Vegetable Gardening Show on YouTube.

Who We Work With

If you are interested in working with us, you need to know a few things. First, Jeanne is very selective about the advertisers she partners with and receives dozens of requests each week. Please make sure that your product or service relates to growing vegetables, herbs, or fruit; cooking, canning, or preserving the harvest; or some home-lifestyle connection.

We welcome inquiries for the following:

  • Advertisements
  • Paid placements
  • Influencer campaigns (Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Product Reviews and Give-Aways


We DO NOT give away links, participate in reciprocal link agreements, or publish sponsored content without indicating it is paid content. We are scrupulously honest with our readers and have earned their trust over our 13 years of publishing. We know you want only the best for your customers, too.

If you would like to talk to Jeanne, please contact her.













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