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How to Plant a Peach Tree

We planted four new trees in the orchard this weekend, including peach trees. I thought I’d share with you how to plant a peach tree in your own backyard. It doesn’t take long, although it does take some muscle!   How to Plant a Peach Tree Peach trees can be self-pollinating or require a pollinator, …

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Backyard Garden Design Ideas: Landscaping with Edibles

Backyard garden design doesn’t have to be boring. Everyone thinks of a lawn and some flower beds with shrubs around the house and maybe a tree or two. But what if you planted fruit trees and shrubs instead of the usual dogwood and evergreens? What then?

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picture of baby figs

Growing Figs in My Backyard – an Update

Growing figs in my backyard (or now in my front yard) isn’t just a dream. It’s a reality. My three Chicago Hardy fig trees are growing strong and two have produced figs!

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cantaloupe vs muskmelon

Cantaloupe vs Muskmelon

Cantaloupe vs muskmelon…which is the proper name for the fruit many of us love? What makes some fruit cantaloupe vs muskmelon?

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Growing Cantaloupe for First Time Gardeners

Growing cantaloupe this year brought with it new joys and challenges. I’ve grown cantaloupe in New York in pots on a deck and in Virginia using the same method. This year, I decided on growing cantaloupe in the big raised bed in the vegetable garden. I thought that was plenty of space for the six …

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Growing Strawberry Plants

Growing strawberry plants is one of my favorite gardening adventures. Once they get growing, strawberry plants produce abundant strawberry fruit. Outwit the birds, and you’ve got your own personal fruit supply for several weeks.   Growing Strawberry Plants To grow healthy strawberry plants that produce abundant strawberry fruits, you’ll need to understand the plants and …

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