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Peach Pie Recipe with Fresh Peaches

This peach pie recipe with fresh peaches takes into account that some home-grown varieties, like Elberta, are more suitable for canning. They tend to stay hard even when ripe. The trick to make them “pie ready” is to precook them.

Peach Pie Recipe with Fresh Peaches

This recipe  uses any variety of home-grown peaches but is especially good for those intended for canning, such as Elberta. Such peaches tend to have harder flesh that never feels soft when ripe. To soften them, you need to precook the filling just enough so that it is ready for the pie.

Time-Saving Trick

Another time saving trick for this recipe is to use store bought pie crust. I know – heresy! Some cooks are fainting at the thought of using a store bought crust. But honestly, when you’re fussing with a peach pie recipe with fresh peaches, you need the extra time to make the filling, not the dough.

It’s delicious either way you slice it.

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