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July in the Garden

I’ve been on the quiet side lately, blogging about once a week instead of my usual daily blather about all things gardens, gardening, and wildlife. I hope you don’t mind. Work has been busy, but more importantly, I’ve been busy in the garden, in the kitchen, and taking more herbalism classes. And of course, Home… Read More July in the Garden

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How to Can Peaches

I learned how to can peaches from the Ball Book of Home Preserving, a cookbook I recommend to those interested in learning how to can and preserve fresh garden produce.  Yesterday, Hubby helped me can peaches, and we were able to preserve nine pints. Here’s how to can peaches and enjoy them all year long!… Read More How to Can Peaches

Garden Travel

Garden Travel: A Visit to Deb’s Daylilies and the Daylily Festival

  This past Saturday, I took a trip to the Daylily Festival at Deb’s Daylilies. Officially, the event is called the Wine & Flowers Event, with Hunting Creek Vineyards providing the wine and some great country singers providing the entertainment. The $5 entrance fee was donated to a local cancer fundraiser, so the fee went… Read More Garden Travel: A Visit to Deb’s Daylilies and the Daylily Festival

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How to Make Herbal Vinegar

It’s easy to make herbal vinegar and the results are delicious! Make Herbal Vinegar Have you ever seen fancy bottles of vinegar and oil at home stores? They’re usually colorful bottles filled with herbs and liquid. Many people give them as gifts and housewarming presents. If you’ve ever tasted fresh herbal vinegar (and oil), you’ll… Read More How to Make Herbal Vinegar