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Everything you ever wanted to know about planting a vegetable garden. Home Garden Joy covers all aspects of backyard gardening including how to grow tomatoes, root vegetables, and much more. You can grow the kitchen garden of your dreams. Start here and learn about soil, composting, light requirements, watering, insects and pests, and much, much more.

Why Didn’t My Lettuce Seeds Sprout?

Why didn’t my lettuce seeds sprout? It’s like a Nancy Drew case. Why didn’t the lettuce germinate? Why the empty garden bed? I’m facing the case of the disappearing lettuce now, and I think I know the answer.   Why Didn’t My Lettuce Seeds Sprout? There are several answers to the question “Why didn’t my …

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backyard vegetable gardening

Backyard Vegetable Gardening – a Video of My Garden

Are you interested in backyard vegetable gardening? I thought readers would enjoy a brief video tour of my garden and some tips on starting your organic vegetable garden this year.

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Garden Planning for Next Year – New Vegetables

This is the time of year when I do my garden planning for next year. At first, it’s the seed catalogs flooding my mailbox that inspire me. But then it’s thoughts of what could be…dreams of a productive, overflowing vegetable garden that fills my heart with gladness.

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Hate Broccoli? Read This!

If you hate broccoli, you’re not alone. I love broccoli. I crave it. I actually insisted we buy a head of broccoli this week because I was craving the sharp, slightly bitter taste. To me, the taste of broccoli is the taste of fall. Here’s why you may hate broccoli…and how to possibly turn broccoli …

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What Is Flint Corn?

I’ve been fascinated by flint corn this month. What is flint corn? It’s what we called Indian corn as a children – the brightly colored corn used as fall decoration.

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picture of heirloom tomatoes

Tomatoes and Too Much Rain

Tomatoes and too much rain don’t mix well. My tomatoes are rotting on the vine thanks to too much of a good thing.

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