dijon-tarragon salad dressing recipe

Dijon-Tarragon Salad Dressing Recipe

This dijon-tarragon salad dressing recipe offers a delicious, homemade dressing for salads as well as vegetables. I made it over the weekend and used it on a kale salad, a green salad, and even over rice. It got rave reviews from everyone in the family! To make this recipe, all you need is a clean …

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How to Plant a Peach Tree

We planted four new trees in the orchard this weekend, including peach trees. I thought I’d share with you how to plant a peach tree in your own backyard. It doesn’t take long, although it does take some muscle!   How to Plant a Peach Tree Peach trees can be self-pollinating or require a pollinator, …

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Japanese beetle grub identification

Japanese Beetle Grubs: Identify and Control

What do Japanese beetle grubs look like? And how do you control them? Here’s everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about the plague of gardeners everywhere: Japanese beetles. Japanese Beetle Grubs Japanese beetle grubs emerge now from their winter sojourn under the lawn. They are part of the insect’s lifecycle. …

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brown spot on succulent plant

Brown Spots on Succulent Plants

What are these brown spots on succulent plants? When you have a Master Gardener in the family, you get questions like this. It’s sort of like having a doctor in the family. They get asked medical questions. I get the plant diagnosis! My brother emailed me pictures of his succulent plants and asked, “Why is …

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backyard vegetable gardening

Backyard Vegetable Gardening – a Video of My Garden

Are you interested in backyard vegetable gardening? I thought readers would enjoy a brief video tour of my garden and some tips on starting your organic vegetable garden this year.

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Heirloom Beans, Going Nutritarian, and Some Observations

These are heirloom beans. The variety is Jacob’s Cattle.  Notice something? They’re funky looking, funny looking, with different colors, odd sizes and shapes. They’re beautiful, tasty, and unique. And that’s how food should be.

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