Free Monthly Gardening Guides

Free Monthly Gardening Guides

I’ve put together these free monthly gardening guides for garden zones 6-8 that will help guide you through the seasons of the year. Please feel free to download and print a copy of each free monthly gardening guide for your personal use and enjoyment.

Free Monthly Gardening Guides

Click on the underlined word and the file opens as a PDF.

Each month of the year holds new adventures for the home gardener and backyard gardeners. From starting a compost pile to seed starting, transplanting flowers and vegetables into the garden, starting a butterfly garden and more, there’s a project for every home gardener and essential tasks to keep your home, garden, and yard looking beautiful.

How to Use These Free Garden Guide

These free garden guides are helpful for gardeners in the mid-Atlantic and higher southern states like my home state of Virginia. These states follow a similar gardening pattern, so the monthly advice about planting, harvesting and other topics will be in line with what you can expect in your area.

If you live in another part of the United States or another county, you will need to adjust the suggested timing according to how different your country is from where I live. For example, in my area of the United States, we can plant vegetables outside around May. Gardeners in Michigan may need to wait until mid-June to plan their vegetables.

As always, your local Cooperative Extension (in the USA) or similar agricultural bureau can be a very helpful resource. These organizations offer free pamphlets, advice, and local gardening information specific to your part of the country or world.

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