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Home Garden Joy: Gardening Know-How

Home Garden Joy will help you grow a great garden, one you’ll be proud to show off and enjoy.

You can do it!

You can grow a garden that feeds your family. Raise fruit. Plant an herb garden. Cook what you grow.

If I learned to do this, you can too. I’ll show you every step of the way what I have learned about growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs, canning and preserving them, and cooking with what you grow.

Seven Oaks Farm

In 2007, I quit my job as a marketing executive for a well-known publisher, sold my house, and moved with my family to a 17-acre farm in central Virginia. I began writing about my farm, Seven Oaks, and that was the first blog.

Later, I moved the blog and renamed it to focus on the absolute joy I feel working and living at Seven Oaks.

I’ve taught myself how to can vegetables, make jam, and blend herbal teas. I’ve learned a lot about life in rural Virginia and love living here. It’s a far cry from New York City, but it has become home.

What You Will Find at Home Garden Joy

  • Gardening how-to, tips, and information focused on growing vegetables, fruit, and herbs. I do have some articles on houseplants and flowers, but my main focus is on growing edibles.
  • How-to information on canning, preserving and saving the harvest.
  • Recipes to cook what you grow.
  • Herbal information including how to grow herbs, medicinal uses, and more.

I run a Facebook Group called the Christian Herbalists at Home Garden Joy that offers herbal information without pagan or Wiccan influences.

I hope you enjoy your time here at Seven Oaks Farm. Drop me a note through the Facebook page.

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