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How to Get Your Christmas Cactus to Bloom

Christmas cactus
Christmas cactus

How to Get Your Christmas Cactus to Bloom

You can get your Christmas cactus to bloom again with a few easy tricks. These holiday cacti rely upon triggers of changes in light and temperatures to know when to set bloom, or blossoms. Without these changes, they won’t know what season they’re in. After all, they’re actually from Central and South America – and they may be “confused” about when to bloom!

Christmas cactus (or Holiday cacti, or Thanksgiving cactus) aren’t really cactus at all. They’re succulents hailing from moist, cool climates, and as such, they need a little more TLC than your average desert cactus. They can live for decades, producing gorgeous flowers like the ones shown here. I took these photos this past week of my own Christmas cactus – yes, they’re blooming a little earlier than expected, but I’m happy with the gorgeous show this year!

To learn more about Christmas cactus, please see my article: How to Get Your Christmas Cactus to Bloom.


Christmas cactus

My Christmas cactus blooming today.


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