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The 2017 Gardener’s Gift Guide

The 2017 Gardener’s Gift Guide is here!

Looking for the perfect gift for the gardener in your life? This Christmas, give them something they’ll love. Pick one item from this list of the 2017 recommended products from Home Garden Joy.

2017 Gardener’s Gift Guide

I’ve put together this list based on products that I personally know, love, and enjoy using here in our garden. Please note that I was NOT paid to endorse any of these products – these are my honest choices for you.

Also please note that this article contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a little bit of payment if you buy a product after clicking on the link. It does not affect your price in any way.

Thank you, and enjoy the 2017 Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners


  1. CobraHead Weeding Tool

I love the CobraHead weeding tool! We actually fight over who gets to use it in the garden. It’s ideal for digging up deep-rooted weeds, cultivating around plants, and scraping up weed seedlings. It’s also lightweight yet very sturdy. A “must” for every garden and gardener.


2. Grow Five Organic Herbs from Seed

This adorable little herb gardening set enables any gardener to grow five herbs from seed inside the home. It contains all of the seeds, pots, and information you need to start your very own indoor herb garden. A great gift for Christmas, Mother or Father’s Days, or birthdays.



3. Stainless Steel Gardening Tool Set

This set of gardening tools is another “must” for me. I use the trowel and hand rake nearly every time I step out into the garden. The sturdy design is great for our heavy clay soil, and the hand grips are very comfortable. A great set for beginning gardeners or anyone who is looking for a quality tool set.


4.  Best Gardening Gloves – 3 Pack

I don’t know about you, but I go through gardening gloves as if they were made out of paper. I poke holes through the fingertips. These sturdy gardening gloves protect the hands, keeping them clean, dry and free from cuts and scratches. Great for weeding and general yard work.



5. Plan and Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden (book) by Jeanne Grunert

Okay, okay – so I had to get a plug in for my book somewhere. You knew I would! This is the beginner’s guide to planning, building, tending and maintaining your raised bed vegetable garden. It’s an inexpensive, short guide to a topic that I love and that my readers know I’m passionate about!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide. For more gift ideas, see our past Gardener’s Gift Guide. Happy gardening and keep growing!

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