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Did you know that it's okay to use treated lumber for a raised garden bed but not old tires? Do you know how wide to make the pathways between beds or the soil to use? This category of Home Garden Joy includes tips from book author Jeanne Grunert on raised garden beds. You can grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers in a raised bed garden. Learn more.
winter raised bed

Winter Raised Bed Gardens

Raised bed gardens can be converted into multi-season greenhouses. Some people claim you can grow vegetables all winter long in a covered raised bed garden.

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Video Interview: Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens

Here at Home Garden Joy, we have a lot of great resources to help you plan and build your raised bed vegetable garden. I’ve written many articles about building raised beds, soil for garden beds, pathway design, and much more. Now we have – video! I was honored to be a guest on Mike the …

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Is It Safe to Use Pressure Treated Lumber in the Vegetable Garden?

Is it safe to use pressure-treated lumber in the vegetable garden? This question came up last night when I was a guest on Mike the Vegetable Gardener’s Show, which will air on YouTube in about a week. Here is the link to the channel. My show will on next week.  We talked about raised bed vegetable …

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Replacing a Raised Garden Bed

This weekend, our project was replacing a raised garden bed. We build the original raised beds about nine years ago. Sun, water, and weathering rotted the boards. They were coming apart at the corners. It was time to replace the raised garden beds.   Replacing a Raised Garden Bed We built our raised bed vegetable …

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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Fall Garden Tasks

These fall garden tasks for the raised bed vegetable garden will get your garden ready for winter. They will also make your spring garden prep easier in a few months.

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