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Types of Roses for the Home Garden

rose_dreamweaverI’ve got roses on my mind today, so I wrote an article on the Many Types of Roses for the Home Garden. It’s an overview rather than an in-depth piece, but this leads nicely into a series I have planned on roses – planting, fertilizing, and most importantly, organic care.

The rose bed in the flower garden here at Seven Oaks is a destination when anyone steps into the garden. Now that the arbor is in place, it draws people to it as I hoped it would. Structures and vertical spaces in the garden tend to do that. The masses of red and pink roses along with the lavender growing along the hedges creates a strong scented area too that perfumes the whole space.


I’ll enjoy it for a few weeks more and then the onslaught: Japanese beetle season. This season’s great rains have really created an abundance in the gardens that is hard to repeat, but it’s also caused the first black spot outbreak too. I was going to use my Neem oil organic spray BUT…you guessed it…more rain predicted for the week!

If you would like to learn more about roses, please see:


Enjoy your roses and enjoy my rose gardening article.

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