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Heirloom Beans, Going Nutritarian, and Some Observations

These are heirloom beans. The variety is Jacob’s Cattle.  Notice something? They’re funky looking, funny looking, with different colors, odd sizes and shapes. They’re beautiful, tasty, and unique. And that’s how food should be.

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naps cabbage recipe

Stir Fry Tofu and Napa Cabbage

I made this recipe for stir fry tofu and cabbage on Sunday…in the dark because we lost power in an ice storm…and it was so good we finished the whole thing!  It’s low calorie, plant-based goodness that’s deceptively easy to make once you plan ahead to prep the tofu.  It’s even yummy for tofu haters! …

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Home Garden Joy Announcements and Changes for 2019

The new year is here and with them, several changes to Home Garden Joy. We’re celebrating our 11th year and it’s time to unveil some new content and some changes just for you!

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gnocchi recipe

Gnocchi Recipe – Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Herbs

Ready for a gnocchi recipe? We’re continuing to pursue our goal of two vegetarian meals per week and this recipe for gnocchi with mushrooms and herbs offered a filling, flavorful vegetarian meal that was absolutely delicious.

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marinated mushroom recipe

Recipe for Marinated Mushrooms

One of our family traditions is to enjoy an antipasto platter on New Year’s Eve. I  made these marinated mushrooms from scratch after we found boxes of mushrooms on clearance at the supermarket. This recipe has a fresh taste that far surpasses the storebought kind of marinaded mushroom.

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Cold and Flu Soup Recipe

This cold and flu soup recipe infuses homemade bone broth with herbs thought to boost your resistance to viruses. Garlic (for immunity) and thyme (for upper respiratory health) are both warming herbs that help combat colds and flu.

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