The Iris that Inspired a Garden

The Iris that Inspired a Garden
Iris “Immortality,” a gift from Patty

Thought I’d share with you my latest writing, an article called “The Iris that Inspired a Garden.”  Partially a photographic walk through my iris collection and partially a gentle how-to-grow iris story, it includes lots of pictures of this year’s iris collection.

Blooming right now is iris “Immortality,” a gift from my friend Patty; my father in law’s grape soda pop scented purple and white iris; a purple iris from a Pat, a fellow Master Gardener’s garden; and light purple and yellow iris from my friend Joan’s garden. There are also two iris I purchased, the burgundy colored one and Cherub’s Smile, but iris are very perennial flowers begging to be shared. Digging up an iris rhizome and passing it along to a friend is as natural around here as taking over a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread when you bake. It’s just something you do as a gardener.

I’ve begged a root from my friend Cynthia’s garden of a new iris that looked from her pictures like shimmering crimson silk, all rainbow swirls and colors.  Since iris are named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, somehow adding a rainbow colored iris to my garden seems appropriate.

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The Iris That Inspired a Garden

My in-laws iris that smells like grape pop.


Iris “Cherub’s Smile”