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Double Flowering Tulips Add Incredible Beauty

double flowering tulip

I love planting tulips, and these double flowering tulips were a lovely addition to my garden. If you avoid planting tulips because they don’t last long in your area, these flowers may be a nice surprise.

double flowering tulips

Double-Flowering Tulips

Double-flowering tulips don’t bloom twice – they have twice the petals inside the flower cup. The bulbs look the same as traditional tulips bulbs. When the flower emerges, it has a rounder appearance, eventually unfolding into these multi-petaled gems that are breathtaking in the garden.

I was afraid that the double flowering tulips would sink under the weight of the blooms; the flower heads look quiet heavy. But the stems are study, and once they begin to bloom, hold their heads upright.

The flowers shown here are “Sunlover” a variety of tulip with double petals and orange, yellow and red stripes. The flowers emerge a golden yellow and as the blooms mature, turn a deeper orange and red.

I haven’t had any problems this year with blossom loss or petal loss, and we have had both cold and windy days. My patch of double flowered tulips are in a small garden area that is sheltered from the wind on the south and western sides by the house and patio so perhaps that has helped.

I received these bulbs as a gift from with no expectation of anything other than an honest review. And I will be honest — I’m in love with these tulips. I plan to grow them again and add more to the garden. They are really stunning and quite beautiful.

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Bulbs are so easy to plant and add delightful color to the garden before many other plants bloom. After a long winter of dreary days, the splash of color from my Sunlover double-flowering tulips brings me joy

double flowering tulip

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