Category: Soup Recipes

Nothing is more comforting than homemade soup, and these soup recipes will help you make your very own from-scratch bowl of goodness.

Recipes from the Garden: Chilled Cucumber Dill Soup

This recipe for cool, chilled cucumber dill soup uses the freshest ingredients from the garden blended with silky low-fat plain yogurt and sour cream to form a refreshing, filling “soup.” Soups are an ancient food. Historians tell us that making soup is a task perhaps as old as the art of cooking itself. There is …

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Chilled Cucumber Soup Recipe

Got cucumbers? This chilled cucumber soup recipe uses up those extra garden cucumbers in a healthy, low-fat cool soup that’s perfect for summer lunch. But watch out – it’s addictive. Chilled Cucumber Soup Recipe I had the best of intentions. I went downstairs, thinking I’d take photos of the pot of chilled cucumber soup I’d …

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