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Seed starting, or growing plants from seeds, is one aspect of plant propagation. Home Garden Joy includes tips, hints, tricks, and directions to help you grow many popular plants from seeds. You'll learn:
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What Is a Seed Library?

You can check books out of the public library – but did you know that there is a new trend called a seed library? It’s a collection of seeds saved and donated by local gardeners and shared with the community. It’s a great idea and I’d love to see seed libraries in every community.

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saving cantaloupe seeds

Saving Cantaloupe Seeds

Saving cantaloupe seeds and the seeds of its near relation, muskmelon, is a great project for people new to seed starting. The seeds are plentiful and easy to find inside the ripe fruit. But not all cantaloupes produce viable seeds. This project works best with home-grown melon.

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plants for spring 2018

New Plants for Spring 2018 – Expanding Fruit Production

I’m adding many new plants for spring 2018 and expanding fruit production here at Seven Oaks, my little farm here in south central Virginia and home base for everything on Home Garden Joy. I’ve gone a little crazy this year ordering from catalogs but feel that it’s justified since I have plans…many plans…for the results! …

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Starting Peppers from Seeds

Starting peppers from seeds is similar to starting other vegetables from seeds. There are a few tricks to know to help your pepper seeds germinate and grow into strong, healthy plants.

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Seed Starting Resources

  I’ve put together this list of seed starting resources to help gardeners of all abilities. Are you new to gardening? Starting a garden for the first time, or just getting into starting a garden from seed? Welcome! I’ve put together a list of all of the resources I’ve created on Home Garden Joy to …

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When Should You Start Tomato Seeds Indoors?

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive about seed starting is, “When should you start tomato seeds indoors?” Let’s take a look at tomatoes and how to start them from seeds. If you plant to grow just a few tomato plants in containers or pots on your balcony or desk, you are better …

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