Herbs, herbal teas, herb gardening and natural remedies are a passion of mine. I have been studying and working with herbs and plants as medicine for over 20 years, as well as flower essences and other plant-wellness methods.


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I love herbs! I love growing them, using them in recipes, making my own personal herbal remedies, and drying them for crafts. This section is devoted to all the joys of herb gardening.

Growing and Enjoying Herbs

Articles on how to grow and enjoy herbs from your garden.

Wellness Wednesday Post: Herb Profiles, Growing Information, Health Information

Growing Herbs and How to Grow Herbs


Drying and Using Herbs from Your Garden


Wellness with Plants

I have studied herbal medicine, herbal teas, plant-based diet systems, and flower essence remedies. On these pages, you’ll find all of the information that I have collected to help you regain health from the garden.

These pages also contain other helpful articles about gardening for health and wellness. Gardening is a physical endeavor, to be sure; you do work up quite a sweat when pushing an old-fashioned mower or weeding. It’s also a wonderful balm for the soul, and new research on gardening as a mood booster and more underscores what I and other gardeners have said for centuries. Gardening is good for you, mind and soul!

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Natural Remedies: Health from the Garden

Check back frequently as this page is updated when new content is published.

First, we have a Medical Disclaimer page. Please use common sense and always see your doctor first!


The Latest Posts on Herbs and Plant-Based Wellness

Recipe for Lemon Parsley Jelly

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Have you ever looked at your herb garden and wondered what you would do with all of that parsley? Aside from feeding these guys: (Eastern swallowtail butterfly caterpillar) Parsley is often used as a garnish but it offers tremendous nutrition. Contained within its leafy green leaves is a blend of vitamin K and vitamin C,…
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How to Make Herbal Vinegar

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It's easy to make herbal vinegar and the results are delicious! Make Herbal Vinegar Have you ever seen fancy bottles of vinegar and oil at home stores? They're usually colorful bottles filled with herbs and liquid. Many people give them as gifts and housewarming presents. If you've ever tasted fresh herbal vinegar (and oil), you'll…
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Herbal Bath Salts with Aroma Foundry Essential Oils

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This simple recipe for herbal bath salts creates a delightful, fragrant addition to your bath that will nourish your senses and pamper your skin. I received samples of Aroma Foundry essential oils in exchange of an honest receive, and I'm delighted to share with you both my thoughts on these fine essential oils and a…
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Make the Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea

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Make the Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea Make the perfect cup of herbal tea, right from your own garden! In May, I gave two free talks on how to grow, harvest, dry, and create your very own herbal teas. This lecture proved so popular that I recorded the narration and uploaded it to YouTube. You…
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New Plants for the Garden: Growing Elderberry

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Growing elderberry...hmm, this looks like exactly what I need. I begin reading the article. "...put on protective goggles and rubber gloves..." Wait, what? You need protective goggles and gloves to plant a tree seed? "...place the seeds in sulfuric acid..." Okay, no, wait, stop. Just stop right there. Any plant that requires sulfuric acid to…
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Making Herbal Teas

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Making herbal teas is just one fun way to use the dried herbs from your garden. I love knowing that the herbs in my cup of tea are from my own garden. You don't need any fancy equipment to make your own herbal teas, although purchasing a few things does help. Here's how to make…
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Gardening for Health: Can Doctors Prescribe Gardening?

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Gardening for health isn't a new trend. But in the U.K., the idea is taking on new life, with doctors "prescribing" gardening as a treatment protocol. Gardening for Health Longtime readers of this blog know that gardening for health is a passion of mine. I always feel uplifted and happy after a bout of gardening,…
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Natural Remedies for Bug Bites (That Really Work)

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Natural remedies for bug bites can often stop the itching of mosquito, gnat, and chigger bites better than over the counter remedies. I should know. I look like someone painted red polka dots all over my arms thanks to a bout with some sort of biting insect last night. Here's what I learned about natural…
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Gardening as Meditation

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Last evening I was sitting in my kitchen shelling peas. Now, that by itself isn't something strange or earth-shattering. It's just a chore, a task I had before me. I sank into the hard-backed wooden chair, and Rocky, our orange tabby cat, hopped up onto the kitchen table so he could rest in close petting…
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Recipe for Herbal Hand Salve

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This recipe for herbal hand salve uses three ingredients: your favorite herbs, good-quality olive oil, and all-natural beeswax. Oh wait - there's a fourth ingredient. Time. But if you're a gardener, you are used to being patient. Disclosure: I am an affiliate of both Amazon and Mountain Rose Herbs. This post contains affiliate links. If…
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