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Your Guide to Soil

This Guide to Soil offers everything you need to know about soil tests, soil health, composting, and more. Start here to learn more about soils of all types from Home Garden Joy.

Why bother learning about soil?

Good soil grows great plants. Soil health is perhaps the most important thing to learn in the world of gardening. Soil nurtures, sustains, supports and provides everything plants need for their growth (except for sunlight of course).

Sure, you can grow plants in water solutions. Hydroponics fascinates many people. I can’t stand it. Give me dirt, soil, good old-fashioned mud, the teeming food web seething under the soil. It’s my kind of life.

Soil Test Guide

Why Get a Soil Test Done in the Fall?

Getting Your Soil Professionally Tested

Guide to Soil

Don’t Work Wet Soil

Soil for Container Vegetable Gardens

Working with Your Soil


Winter Composting: Is It Too Cold to Add to the Compost Pile?

Worm Composting

Trench Composting

How to Make Compost


Other Resources About Soil

What Is Soil? – US Department of Agriculture

Fundamental Concepts of Soil

Soil Organic Matter – Cornell University

The Secrets of Soil – Smithsonian Institution


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