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These free gardening guides offer you more in-depth information on many popular gardening topics I’ve written about over the years. Bookmark this page and check back frequently. I’m always adding guides on a variety of gardening subjects including organic gardening, vegetable gardening, raised bed gardening, flower gardening, house plants, and gardening for wildlife. I also include some shopping guides to help you choose plants, tools, and accessories to enhance your garden. Many of these guides contain affiliate links – this is disclosed within the guide.

There are also numerous free templates, free booklets and more on these pages. I’ve included them for your personal enjoyment. Please feel free to link into each resource, but do not copy them to your own website. Thank you.

How-To Garden Guides

Click the link below to visit each gardening guide.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Learn how to start vegetable, flower and herb seeds indoors with this Seed Starting guide. This free online guide includes information on how to sterilize seed starting pots, types of garden seeds and much more.

Butterfly Gardening

The Butterfly Gardening guide contains all you need to plant a gorgeous garden that attracts butterflies and moths. The guide includes habitat information, plants suggestions for nectar and larva food, and much more.

How to Make Compost

How to Make Compost is a beginner’s guide to starting a compost pile. Lovely, nutritious (for your plants) compost! Learn how to make compost in this guide to all things rotting. You’ll learn about compost piles, bins and tumblers, what to put in compost piles, and more.

Hobby Farm Resources

A list of resources for hobby farmers, gardeners, and others interested in becoming more self-sufficient.




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