Category: Indoor Gardens and House Plants

Indoor gardens and house plants provide lovely accents to the home and gardens even for people who live in apartments and condos. This section includes information on many aspects of growing indoor gardens.
brown spot on succulent plant

Brown Spots on Succulent Plants

What are these brown spots on succulent plants? When you have a Master Gardener in the family, you get questions like this. It’s sort of like having a doctor in the family. They get asked medical questions. I get the plant diagnosis! My brother emailed me pictures of his succulent plants and asked, “Why is …

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how to divide amaryllis

Dividing and Replanting an Amaryllis Bulb

This weekend, my gardening fun was replanting an amaryllis bulb. Longtime readers of Home Garden Joy may remember my series detailing my amaryllis’ growth and bloom. The parent bulb is still growing strong…and from that $5 Walmart bulb I now have 10 plants! Here’s how I divided and replanted an amaryllis bulb.

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Christmas cactus

How to Propagate a Christmas Cactus

  Learning how to propagate a Christmas cactus is easy and fun. I’ve put together this article plus a video to show you how!

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How the Poinsettia Became Associated with Christmas

How did the poinsettia become associated with Christmas? Nothing says Christmas like the poinsettia. Live plants greet you at the door of shopping malls, banks, churches, schools and more. The attractive bushy green plants with large red flowers are the ultimate symbol of Christmas, adorning tablecloths and sweaters, wrapping paper and cards.

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Winter Geranium Care

If you understand winter geranium care, you can keep your geraniums growing inside during the winter months. Then when spring arrives, all you need to do is move them back outside for instant garden beauty.

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How to Get a Poinsettia to Bloom

I was able to get a poinsettia to bloom! Well, it’s not technically a flower…but it still looks a lot like Christmas here in my office.

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