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Vegetarian meal ideas, vegetarian recipes, easy recipes, dinner recipes, and salad recipes. Grow your own food and learn how to cook and prepare delicious, healthy meals using home-grown vegetables, fruit, and herbs. Many of our meals are "nutritarian" and "Eat to Live" friendly.

Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

Do you need vegan Thanksgiving ideas? “Joe invited his new girlfriend to Thanksgiving dinner…and she’s vegan! What can she eat?” Great question! A better question is simply, “What can’t she eat?” Because a vegan Thanksgiving dinner table looks much like a traditional Thanksgiving menu. Vegan Thanksgiving ideas, coming up!

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Cooking Vegan – Healthful, Delicious and Easy

  The subtitle of Vesanto Melina, MS, RD and Chef Joseph Forest’s new cookbook, Cooking Vegan, is “healthful, delicious and easy.” That sums up the essence of this great new vegan cookbook perfectly. Billed as a companion to Vesanto’s best-selling book Becoming Vegan, Cooking Vegan includes good introductory chapters to set the stage for the …

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easy squash recipes

15 Easy Squash Recipes

These easy squash recipes bring together 15 of the best squash recipes online. Here you’ll find recipes for zucchini, summer squash, butternut squash and more.

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black bean burrito recipe

Black Bean Burrito Recipe

This black bean burrito recipe is packed with heart-healthy fiber, delicious vegetables, and taste that can’t be beat! You can make it a vegan lunch or dinner entree by eliminating the egg and butter. The entire meal is a little over 600 calories and will keep you full for several hours. Black Bean Burrito Recipe …

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easy crepe recipe

Easy Crepe Recipe

This easy crepe recipe helps you whip up fresh crepes quickly on the stovetop with ingredients you have around the house. Among the many crepe recipes I’ve tested, this one is the best. Easy Crepe Recipe Fresh, hot, fruit-filled crepes…the thought of them makes my mouth water. I haven’t had crepes in years. My sister, …

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dandelion greens recipe

Foraged Food: Dandelion Greens Couscous

This delightful foraged food recipe uses either dandelion greens and chickweed or store-bought greens such as spinach. If you are new to foraging, be absolutely sure of what you’ve picked before you eat it.   Dandelion Greens, Nutritional Powerhouse Dandelion greens are a nutritional powerhouse! They are packed with vitamins A and K as well …

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